Kennzeichnung leicht

Difficulty: easy

Fitness: easy

Fear of heights: easy

Surefootedness: easy

Distance: 7,3 km

Duration: 2:30 h

Heights: 302

Start/End: car park

TF-123 Ensillada


hiking map Chinobre

Hike 59: Chinobre/Cabezo del Tejo

Important note from the Cabildo de Tenerife: at 12 AM in winter time and 1:00 AM in summer time (Canary Islands time) 45 seats will be released for 15 days later. Please refresh the screen before making a reservation. As demand is very high, the seats are usually fully booked within a few minutes, which is why you will see the entire calendar in red. Try again the next evening.


The detour to Chinobre is now prohibited and the route is generally subject to authorisation. If you are caught without a permit, you will be fined €600. The permit for the area del Pijaral is available here. It is free of charge and only valid for one day. So you have to be sure in good time that the weather will also permit good views. Because there are impressive views here, and plenty of cloud forest to boot. Only the approach to the outermost part of the Anaga is a bit strenuous.


height profile Chinobre

The tour itself is hardly strenuous, unless it has rained heavily beforehand. Then the ground is muddy and slippery. Unfortunately, the entire section of the trail was in the clouds that day. It was a pure fog forest hike. In the winter months, you can certainly have this bad luck. The weather was quite good in Chamorga. Although Chinobre is only 6 km away, it was completely shrouded in clouds. So you should do the tour when the view is clear, preferably when the Anaga is generally sunny.


We park at the La Ensillada car park 6 km before Chamorga. There we pass the signposts. After 900 metres you can take the short detour to Chinobre on the left. After another 200 metres, the path descends slightly. It is a bit slippery when wet due to rain or clouds. The path leads to the TF-123. Here we go past the barrier through laurel forest. The path ends at the Cabezo del Tejo. After the impressive views we go up a flight of stairs. It leads us on the way back to the car park.


The Chinobre itself is quite unspectacular. The Cabezo del Tejo is my favourite Anaga peak and can also be climbed without a permit (Tour 44). The view never fails to impress me. There are also lots of Teide finches to watch. They are so tame that they would eat the bread crumbs out of your hand.


A detailed description of the route and the GPS track can be found in the Hiking Guide Tenerife.


photo gallery Chinobre

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